Lake Issue 8, a banner hanging in a tree, caught in the sunlight

Issue #8 Will Feature Lake's Creative Non-fiction Contest winner Christina Robertson's essay "What Lodges in the Heart." Congratulations to our winner and thanks again to all who entered!

The topic of the contest was "Places That Shape Us."



Look for a re-launch of LAKE in 2014




Announcing LAKE issue 8!

Featuring art by Tanja Leonhardt, Akiko Taniguchi, Larry Merriman, and Brian Cullen.
Featuring poetry by Tim Lilburn, Emily Nilsen, Portia Priegert, Christine Lowther, Carolyn "Hoople" Creed, Jeremy Nathan Marks, and Salvatore Difalco.
Featuring prose by Karen Hofmann, Hedy Heppenstall, and Emily McGiffin.
Including the contest winning creative non-fiction piece Chris Robertson, "What Lodges in the Heart."


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Lake publishes contemporary art that engages with ecological issues and representations in provocative, entertaining, and beautiful ways. Striking reproductions and photos of artworks, interviews with artists themselves, new fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction and reviews are published in each issue.
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